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>Look out the window at the sun. You may be able to gauge the time based on the sun's position in the sky.

It looked afternoonish when Bina looked out before, but the heavy cloud cover might have thrown that off a bit.

There may be disposable cups or bottled water in the drawers or cupboards.

Hmm, yeah, maybe.

She licks her lips with a tongue devoid of saliva.

And the bag was full of granny stuff. Maybe your granny's scarf is in it.

She didn't see it in there, and she'd upended the bag over the bed. She'd feel better if she had it.

Bina realizes that, in addition to being thirsty, she also needs to pee.

There isn't a bathroom connected to your room? That's odd. (Or is it? I haven't been in a hospital in like 25 years but when I was there, a single-occupancy room like this would have a bathroom.)

Don't hospital rooms usually have a half-bath?

She looks around.

The door is the same colour as wallpaper with a brushed steel handle. She'd seen it, but it hadn't really clicked that it was a bathroom. She'd thought it was maybe a closet or something.

She hopes the water is still running. If it isn't she's prooobably going to freak out again.