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>The naughts may be able to find you, but they'll have to go through the city to get to you. You know they're not here yet because you can't hear screaming. Well, that's unless dead people in the hospital start turning, anyhow.

Haha! Ha! Yeah! That totally doesn't sound like a thing that would happen.


Oh no she's panicking! The familiar weightless feeling in her head and her stomach doing somersaults are familiar from a hundred other times.

No no no no no - she can't - she can't - not now.

She finds herself kneeling on the tough linoleum floor. Her knees hurt, but she doesn't remember falling.

When did that happen? How did she get here?

How did she get here?

Where is Kendra? Bina can't have a panic attack now. She can't.

>Relax, bina. You aren't in immediate danger. You have time, don't overexert yourself.

She's got to relax. She has to relax. She cannot freak out now. She can't!

Oh god, oh god, oh god, she's going to have a panic attack and then they'll come in and they'll get her and all she's going to be able to do is hyperventilate at them because she's stupid and broken and this is happening again.

No, no, no, no, no-

Bina is breathing fast, in ragged gasps.


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