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>But at least it looks normal outside, right? It's not like the end if In the Mouh of Madness where he gets out and the world is ending?

It looked mostly normal. Rainy and cold, but it was regular rain and cold. No… gribbly things.

Bina: Take a rest, you'll need it after all the things you've been through.

She doesn't want to rest. She wants to find the Botfly and punch it in the throat. She is quite motivated.

Do you see any living thing other than the tree or did Kendra build another moment?

Err… that is a good question. Hmm, she can see a bit of the parking lot down there. If she waits…

Bina spends about a minute watching the parking lot.

Hurray! Sitting! Sitting beats standing by a fair margin in Bina's opinion.

Aha! Someone in a jacket walking to their car. OK, so that means this is probably the real world.


Check phone for dial tone.

Huh, that's unexpected. No lights, no power, no doctors… but she has a dial tone. Scratchy and full of static, but a dial tone none-the-less.

She didn't really expect that to work. Who should she even call?