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It might be best to leave it and go back to the bed for now. There's not much you can do to change when you're attached to an IV… especially if you're knees aren't cooperating.

Crud, yeah. She can't really get a shirt over all that can she? Maybe she can wrangle something in the pants department though, and there might be non-clothing stuff in there too.

She picks up the bag.

Behind those chairs: Is that a window, covered by a curtain or one of those hotel-room louvers?

Open it. Look outside.

Ah! Yes. Good idea. The window is covered by vertical plastic blinds.

Bina pulls one of the panels aside and looks out.

Through the window she can see the branches of a tree. She seems to be on the second floor of this building. Through the branches she can see a stone wall and part of a parking lot. No signage, and she can't see downtown or the mountain, so she's not sure where in the city she is.

It's still raining. It's still raining a lot.