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How much money do you have?

>Disregard any strange happenings and look for food. Preferably chocolate.

Good question. No point in going to the vending machine if she's got no money.

Bina scoots around into a sitting position and pulls out her change. She's got $3.50 in quarters for the laundry, and err… like a $1.35 in not-quarters.

That'll be enough for a cola or canned coffee at least. Eurgh, she's hungry. The cafe where she works has food, but it was so busy tonight that she forgot to eat.

She thinks the vending machine sells cookies. Chocolate cookies.

Go to the Vending Machine. Get some canned coffee.

> Run around rampantly searching for the vending machine.

Bina heads off to the vending machine.

She considers putting both of her loads of laundry in one dryer. They'd still be damp, but… hmm, that's odd.

She was sure the television was off.